Workshops, Talks & Consulting

The Classroom Component of Digital Humanities: Low-Tech Methods for High-Impact DH Pedagogy

This invited talk was presented as part of a digital-humanities consulting visit to Baylor University, Feb 24-26 (Waco, TX)

The Human Element in the Digital Arts & Humanities: The Role of Fear and Failure in Successful Digital Humanities Research

This invited talk was presented as part of a digital-humanities consulting visit to Baylor University, Feb 24-26 (Waco, TX)

Student-Driven Digital Humanities: Net.Create and the Role of Pedagogy Research in Digital Humanities Tool-Building

This invited talk was presented as part of the Digital Scholarship Lab series for Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana)

Subject, Object, Centrality: Network Analysis in History Research and Teaching

This invited talk was given as part of the "Workshop on Quantitative Analysis and the Digital Turn in Historical Studies" , held at the Fields Institue for Mathematical Studies. The talk starts with Johanna Drucker’s capta concept--the idea that all data gets interpretive treatment in the cleaning process--and combines network analysis and history to contribute meaningfully to the theoretical underpinnings of both disciplines.

Building a Digital Identity (I CAN PERSIST Initiative)

As part of the I CAN PERSIST Initiative, which promotes persistence among women and girls of color in STEM, I presented a professionalization seminar on building a digital identity. View the slides

Citation Preservation as a Tool to Open Paywalled Sources to Computational Analysis for Novice Digital Humanities Practitioners

This invited talk was presented at Translation Studies and/in the Digital Humanities, sponsored by The Centre for Translation Technologies at Chinese University of Hong Kong, (Hong Kong)

The Black Death Mapping and Simulation Activity (Iteration 2)

This activity uses digital history techniques like spatial history, along with epidemiological simulations, to make students' modern context visible as part of the historical thinking skill of reconstructing historical context.

Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities Rewiring Consent Series: Graphs, a Workshop

This workshop in IDAH's Rewiring Consent series put Title IX assault records into dialogue with campus social media

Historical Teaching & Practice Series: Single-Session Digital History Lesson Plans

As part of the Historical Teaching and Practice program, I presented three easily adaptable digital-history lesson plans that work nicely in single 75-minute sessions with minimal classroom technology (chalkboards!)

AHA 2015: Managing and Maintaining Digital Data (Getting Started in Digital History Intermediate Workshop)

This page contains resources for historians who have started thinking about evidence as data but are still figuring out the ins and outs of data clean-up and storage.

Data Normalization for Network Analysis in Gephi at IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute

This post contains resources from a data-normalization and structure workshop oriented toward network analysis, and particularly with Gephi. The primary focus was on shifting from the collection of humanities evidence to aggregate data.

AHA 2014: Getting Started in Digital History Spatial History & hGIS Breakout Session

This page contains getting-started resources for historians interested in the basics of spatial history and hGIS, and for historians attending the AHA's Getting Started in Digital History workshop on Jan 2, 2014.

AHA 2014: using digital tools in medieval Mediterranean history classrooms

The resources here accompany a conference talk given at the AHA 2014 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Crafting an Integrated Digital Persona (IUPUI Digital Sandbox)

On August 15, I presented at IUPUI's Digital Sandbox. The talk--oriented toward putting a professional presence into the online world--is here, in a rerecorded version