Kalani CraigI have a doctorate in medieval history from Indiana University, with a special research focus in digital history and additional teaching specialties in world history and Middle Eastern history.

My primary research interest focuses on the interaction of divine and human agency. That research is currently situated within the context of a model of episcopal power that manifests in Western Europe between 500 and 1200 C.E. In addition to interests in early medieval European history, I have two pedagogical and research focuses outside of Europe: early Islamic and Middle Eastern history and world history prior to 1500 C.E. Finally, my research interests also extend to pedagogy. In-classroom work with Indiana University’s History Learning Project has given me direct experience with both the process and importance of pedagogical research in the discipline of history.

Prior to returning to the scholarly world, I spent ten years managing Web sites and the technical and creative people responsible for creating those Web sites. This technology background has made its way into both my scholarship and my teaching. I’m utilizing digital-humanities techniques to analyze several hundred lives of bishops for my dissertation project, an examination of gesta episcoporum (“deeds of bishops”) and how these deeds demonstrate an integration of divine and human agency in conflict resolution. I’ve also written a series about the digital tools I use to assist me in reading, writing, teaching and living as part of my duties as a guest speaker in Kirsten Sword’s Digital History Spring 2010 graduate course.

View a curriculum vitae or email me at kalani [at] kalanicraig.com.